Experience ahead.

Sometimes it gets complicated, often just too much.

You come to us.

We make it simple, we turn abundance into real choice. We ask questions and want to hear it all. Because it’s all about the story. A story we can write, tell and make everyone listen to with pleasure. Together. A story based on a memorable experience where every detail counts. A story that everyone would love to repeat. See how we work.


Our expertise & skills at your service

  • Positioning & strategy

    Define your edge, your unmistakably recognisable and sustainable position and bring it to life. You are unique. Say it out loud.

  • Branding, Naming, CI/CD

    New product or service in need of a name? New company in need of an identity? We will create the base that you can build upon.

  • Customer Experience Design

    Successful, memorable experiences can be planned. Down to the last detail. We will make sure that your customer are positively surprised, their expectations are exceeded.

  • Retail & Packaging Design

    A product that stands out and for what it is. A shop that makes customers come back over and over. We will make the most obscure of products and services simple and understandable for any customer.

  • User interface design

    So easy and intuitive that absolutely anyone can use it. And always pretty. And no matter in which language it should be, it will sound native.

  • Translations

    The right words in the right language. We promise you that anything that needs to be multilingual will sound authentic, never “translated”. It will be easy to understand. No literal, techie or clumsy translations here. Promise.


It’s all about the story.

Before anything we need to understand you, your ideas, your objectives, your hopes, your fears. We will challenge you. We will simplify the complicated. Make the story exciting. You will love it.

How we work

  • Understand

    At the beginning of every new project is communication. While sharing our expertise, we challenge every detail and strive to simplify the complicated.

  • Define

    We outline and map every possible step and element of the whole customer experience - front- and backend. We work closely with you and do iterations that play out the various possible scenarios. Together we decide on the decisive elements and determine the defining moments of the experience. We will relentlessly ask you “What do you want your customers to feel?”

  • Prototype

    Depending on the results, we will work out one or several proposals to address the need, then map out the ecosystem with all its components - whether communication, touch points, user interface, processes - and present the ways the customers will perceive the result. One big picture that makes sense.

  • Build

    While bringing the customer experience to life, we will certainly not forget to make you and your organisation part of the process. We will constantly come back to you to review and refine. We will build you the experience that fits your goals, your brand, your aspirations.

  • Launch

    Our work is not done unless we know that everything runs smoothly when we put the experience out there and let the story unfold. We will stand by you when it happens and - if you want - will accompany you as long as you need. We are here for you.


Our creations.

We certainly know how to appeal to customers. We have successfully launched so many brands and groundbreaking innovations that we are not bragging when we call ourselves good. Our secret? The ability to put ourselves in the most discerning customer’s place. No magic recipe. Just common sense.

  • Swisscom TV (IPTV)
    • Product Positioning
    • Project Management
    • Marketing
    • Total Customer Experience
    • Retail Presence
    • Training
    • Internal Marketing
    Swisscom Shops
    • Positioning Broadband + Entertainment
    • Re-design of Shops
    • Culture Change
    • From Convenience to Experience
    • Product creation
    • UI Design
    • Website
    • Service Management
    • Support
    • Product creation
    • UI Design
    • Website
    • Service Management
    • Support
    • Positioning
    • Website
    • Mobile UI Design
    • Product creation
    • HW Design
    • UI Design
    • Website
    • Product Design
    • Marketing Communications
    • Retail Shop
    • Customer Experience Design
    • Training
    • Merchandising
    • Operational Marketing
    • Marketing Communications
    • Branding/Naming
    • Stationary Design
    • Branding/Naming
    • Retail
    • Brand Launch
    • Positioning
    • Sales Tools
    • Customer Experience
    • Positioning
    • Product Selection
    • Shop Design
    • Magazine Design
    • Training
    • Re-design Intranet
About us

We hate limits.

We are curious. We are flexible, open-minded. We have many skills. Lots of experience.

You tell us all about it. We will ask questions, challenge it, try to put ourselves in its place, in your place, in the user’s place. We will live it. But if we don’t understand it, can’t grasp it or don’t believe in it, we simply won’t do it.

Tom Kienle

Founder & CEO

After working 5 years as a product manager and putting on the market innovative, award-winning products, combining cutting-edge technologies and mass-market appeal, Tom founded ABEO Ltd. in 2004.

His ability to simplify the - sometimes very - complex and then visualise it in an understandable way for anyone that is appealing to the eye, has made Tom the to-go to guy for major projects in the Telecoms, Retail, Consumer Electronics and even the Fashion industry. His reputation having been built on successful, groundbreaking realisations, he just comes to mind when someone who knows his work has something great to build.

Tom is a man of many talents, which makes him the ideal person to create perfectly planned and accurately measurable customer experiences that are unforgettable, not only for the customers, but also for those who commission them.

Infatigable, reliable, wildly creative with a very dark sense of humor, Tom's main weakness is his little bundle of Joy.

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